Monday, 11 March 2013


Shit this gets me so pumped but mellow like, its top dollar.

Yeah this is nuts too. Mountain board video. Cant embed but the link is there.

Yeah spend probably too much time on youtube, but there is like 2098years of video uploaded each year. Shit thats everlasting.

Music 'n' That

Overall rap is best at the moment but that changes. Mainly listen to: Nas, Wu-tang, J5, OFWGKTA (mainly Tyler and Earl), WEll$ 

Other stuff thats not rap is good too though, stuff like: SBTRKT, Little Dragon, Jamie Woon, Flume. Thats all major good shit. Like that a lot.

Yeah this songs pretty much really good.

Post 1.

I don't have much to say I just gonna post shit that i like and find cool and stuff. I am the standard rich white kids that rappers talk about killing.

Shit thats cool:
-Guitar, Music n that.
-I like rap right now but shit, i am pretty fickle I like most music but not dubstep thats just bullshit.
-Deep stuff that makes you think. Thats cool.

Yeah thats all i got.